Smart sustainable

DronePort Rotterdam is focused on creating societal impact. The alignment with important international strategies is therefore essential. How do we align our ambition with the strategy of the European Commission?

  1. We underline the importance of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) addressed by DG Move. We can contribute to the development of SUMPs by integrating drone technology into urban planning and development, thereby promoting more sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.
  2. W address the importance for Zero-Emission Mobility as key focus of the European Commission with our stakeholders and work towards solutions. DronePort Rotterdam can contribute to the goal of zero-emission mobility by promoting the use of electric uncrewed vehicles, which can reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution.
  3. We add IAM to the entire Smart Mobility strategy. We can leverage advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and 5G to enhance drone operations, contributing to the goal of smart mobility.
  4. We provide a multimodal Transport Hub, part of the goals of DG Move. We contribute to the development of multimodal transport hubs by integrating drone services into the existing transport network, thereby enhancing connectivity and accessibility.
  5. We integrate public engagement into our business. We engage with the public to foster acceptance of drone technology and sustainable mobility solutions, aligning with the strategy's goal of putting European citizens at the core of the transition.