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 What is DronePort Rotterdam’s primary focus?

Our primary focus is on fostering innovation in Innovative Urban (Air) Mobility. We collaborate with stakeholders across sectors—ranging from government agencies to tech startups—to conduct research, develop infrastructures, and implement autonomous and uncrewed solutions. Our initiatives span from airspace management to autonomous asset integrity, aiming to make Rotterdam a global leader in smart, sustainable, and integrated autonomous and uncrewed operations.

 How does DronePort Rotterdam envision the future of mobility?

We see the future of mobility as a seamless system that enables passengers to go where ever they want with the most fitting mobility solution that is safe,secure and sustainable in an urban environment. A future where autonomous, uncrewed vehicles are a normal part our daily-lives with benefits for our inhabitants and minimal negative consequences. 

How can interested parties get involved or collaborate with DronePort Rotterdam?

We look forward to welcoming you to DronePort Rotterdam, where we collaboratively shape the future of mobility. Please visit our contact page to express your interest. Connect with us on LinkedIn and reach out, so we can arrange an opportunity to meet up.

 How does DronePort Rotterdam ensure the safety of its operations, especially with drones?

We prioritize safety in all drone operations. We follow national and European aviation standards, utilizing drones with advanced safety features like collision avoidance and real-time tracking. The drone operators are trained and certified, ensuring they're well-versed in safety protocols. The operational guidelines, encompassing flight paths and emergency procedures, are designed to minimize risks. Collaborating closely with local stakeholders, we continuously refine our safety measures, ensuring our operations are both beneficial and secure for the community.

 How does DronePort Rotterdam integrate with the existing infrastructure of the port, airport, and cities?

We integrate with the existing infrastructure of the port, airport, and cities. We employ a holistic approach, considering the unique dynamics of each area. For the port, we focus on enhancing maritime operations with drones, ensuring smooth cargo transitions and surveillance. At the airport, our drones complement existing air traffic, with coordination systems in place to prevent disruptions. In cities, we align with urban planning, utilizing drones for tasks like delivery and monitoring without impeding daily life. We want to prevent as much as possible to use new space, we aim to exploit existing physical and digital infrastructure.

We aim to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting innovative air mobility solutions. Our initiatives aim to reduce carbon emissions, supporting climate action (Goal 13) and fostering sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11). By enhancing efficient transport methods, we contribute to industry innovation (Goal 9) and by partnering with educational institutions, we further improve the quality of education (Goal 4). 

 In which sectors does DronePort Rotterdam operate and offer solutions?

We are active in multiple sectors and domains. DronePort is active in the logistic sector, the medical & emergency sector, mobility and transportation sector, and the offshore sector.

 What kind of partnerships and collaborations does DronePort Rotterdam offer?

Visit our partnership page to see all partnerships we offer. We aim to create the best possible fit in our partnerships, so individual conversations are always the starting point to see what fits best. 

 What are the benefits of joining or collaborating with DronePort Rotterdam?

Our partners gain access to a cutting-edge innovation ecosystem, tapping into expertise on autonomous assets and vertical spatial integration. This collaboration fosters knowledge exchange, opening doors to new technological advancements. By joining, entities can also leverage DronePort's extensive network, connecting with industry leaders, educational institutions, and policymakers. Furthermore, partners benefit from shared research, pilot projects, and a platform to test and refine their solutions in real-world settings. In essence, collaboration accelerates growth, innovation, and market readiness in the rapidly evolving drone and mobility sectors.

 What opportunities does DronePort Rotterdam offer for startups and innovators?

We are always eager to collaborate with startups and innovators! We value your inventive ideas and solutions that have the potential to enhance our products and services. Working closely with Port XL, Platform Zero, and Innovation Quarter, we strive to provide the best possible match to foster innovation and progress. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email to initiate a conversation. 

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