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HDR 202309ID 203 DRONEWATCH U Space Prototype

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The Port of Rotterdam is pioneering the integration of drones, has launched a U-space Airspace prototype to facilitate unmanned air traffic control in the uncontrolled airspace of Europoort and Maasvlakte. This initiative aims to provide insights into airspace management, open opportunities for drone operators, and evaluate the impacts of unmanned air traffic ontrol, setting a precedent for national expansion. The U-space trial, deployed in a fully operational environment, seeks to make all airspace users electronically visible to prevent conflicts, utilizing Airwayz's Unmanned Traffic Management system. DronePort Rotterdam is actively engaging in these advancements, preparing for a future where such innovations are commonplace and also shaping its strategies based on the insights from the U-space prototype.

Our History

DronePort Rotterdam originated as a concept between Arthur Dallau and Niels Kalshoven, both active in the field of Innovative Air Mobility and frequently approached with questions regarding the organisation and integration of drones into existing systems. While exploring the challenges of everyday scenarios, it quickly became apparent to both gentlemen that there was a lack of an overarching strategy that addressed this complexity. A strategy was needed that encompassed the entire mobility ecosystem and all its layers to strengthen the system.

By mapping out the various components, the concept of vertical integration, one of the pillars of DronePort, was soon realised. Collaborating with a multitude of stakeholders highlighted the critical need for developing solutions for the port, city, and airport. In the Rotterdam region, it is vital that these hubs collaboratively develop crucial infrastructure, enabling autonomous uncrewed intelligent systems to integrate into the mobility and transport system.

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Vision for DronePort

DronePort Rotterdam envisions a future where the integration of drones and other autonomous and uncrewed systems into the European airspace is not just a possibility, but a reality that drives economic growth, ensures safety and security, and promotes sustainability. Europe focuses on a triple (green, digital and societal) transition, DronePort Rotterdam positions itself as a key-enabler of this transformation, harnessing the capabilities of autonomous and uncrewed intelligent systems to expedite the decarbonisation and digital transformation of the comprehensive transport and mobility system.

Pillars of Droneport

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Pillar 1

In DronePort Rotterdam's organisational pillar, we craft sustainable frameworks and strategies to seamlessly integrate and manage autonomous and uncrewed assets, fostering innovation and ecological responsibility within a harmonious, interconnected ecosystem.

Pillar 1 economical dp

Pillar 2

In DronePort Rotterdam's economic pillar, we concentrate on fostering sustainable business models, stimulating job creation, and preparing the workforce of the future, all aimed at unlocking substantial economic benefits and ensuring the enduring success of DronePort Rotterdam.

Pillar 1 societal dp

Pillar 3

In the societal impact pillar of DronePort Rotterdam, we are committed to deploying technology responsibly, striving to generate widespread societal benefits and ensuring our innovations in autonomous and uncrewed intelligent systems contribute positively to the well-being of the community.

Pillar 1 legal dp

Pillar 4

In the legal impact pillar of DronePort Rotterdam, we pursue adherence to both international and European legislation and guidelines for aviation, digitisation, and sustainability, ensuring our operations are anchored in legality and ethical standards.

Pillar 1 technologic dp

Pillar 5

In the technological impact pillar of DronePort Rotterdam, we serve as a catalyst for pioneering innovations, offering a platform for the development and testing of state-of-the-art hardware and software, with a focus on advanced navigation systems and counter-UAS solutions, emphasizing the vertical integration of spatial layers.

International Strategies

Drone strategy 2.0

Aligning with the European Commission's Drone Strategy 2.0, DronePort actively fosters innovations in technology and applications, supporting the European vision for a  advanced  ecosystem.

Smart sustainable

Harmonising with the European Commission's Smart & Sustainable Mobility Strategy, DronePort is committed to advancing sustainable and intelligent autonomous and uncrewed solutions.

Nasa strategy

Aligning with NASA's drone strategy, DronePort shares the vision and ambition to innovate and advance autonomous aerial technologies, fostering a future of seamless, integrated skies.

Meet the Team


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Niels Kalshoven


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Lisa van der Heijden

Project Manager


Ingrid Römers

Project Manager

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