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INSPIR8ION has been helping clients in the public and private sector to offer tangible and future-proof solutions for social, scientific and business challenges in the 21st century. Digitisation, Europe and Sustainability are central to INSPIR8ION's approach. In a continuously changing world we ensure connections between people, content (leading agendas), technology and networks. We introduce new concepts, we build new or reactivate existing ecosystems and we tell the stories of our clients in an inspiring way offline and online. 

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The Port of Rotterdam is  always looking for new ways to make the port even smarter, more efficient, safer and more sustainable. Therefore, offers a wide range of opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, because a smart, carbon-neutral port calls for radical innovation and new technologies.  Field-test innovations, new technologies and linking established firms to up-and-coming players are central to the mission to generate both economic and social value for sustainable growth.

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To engage stakeholders, we utilise the stakeholder approach devised by INSPIR8ION, based on the Quadruple Helix, encompassing the included helices, each of which requires involvement of:


We collaborate with local, national, and international (regulatory and representative) bodies to support and  influence policy-making based on our results and findings.

Academia & Knowledge Institutions

We collaborate with universities and research institutes to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of autonomous and uncrewed technology, AI, and other relevant fields. 


We create partnerships with autonomous and uncrewed manufacturers, software developers, and other industry stakeholders to develop and test the latest equipment and technology.

Societal organisations & citizens

We liaise with societal organisations and environmental NGOs to ensure responsible development and operations.

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Why the quadruple helix approach?

The Quadruple Helix approach is an innovative model that emphasizes the active involvement of society in research and innovation processes, which is also vital for the development and deployment of Innovative Urban Air Mobility. We believe that by integrating societal perspectives, research trajectories can be better aligned with public preferences, leading to more sustainable and welcomed solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also socially relevant.Social added value-services and products are vital, meaning that DronePort wants to create positive societal impact for the entire region.

Partnership With DronePort

Interested in a partnership with DronePort?
Innovation Partnership

An Innovation Partnership with DronePort Rotterdam offers a tangible setting for the exploration, testing, and refinement of drone technologies, with our living lab uniquely located at the convergence of Rotterdam's city, port, and airport. This partnership is about proactive development, problem-solving, and the realization of ideas across various domains, not limited to innovation. Here’s what this collaboration brings to the table:

1. Pilot & Prototype Development: Utilize DronePort as a sandbox to experiment, modify, and perfect products & services in the realm of Innovative Air Mobility (IAM).

2. Joint Development Sessions: Engage in collaborative development and brainstorming sessions with our extensive network, fostering the co-creation of solutions and strategies.

3. Market Introduction & Expansion: Leverage DronePort’s industry connections to present and promote solutions to a broader audience, facilitating market access and expansion.

This partnership is a pathway to practical development and the realization of advancements in autonomous and uncrewed mobility, providing a platform for multifaceted development and the introduction of transformative solutions.

Knowledge Partnership

A Knowledge Partnership with DronePort Rotterdam is a strategic approach to enhance your organisation's proficiency and skills in the swiftly progressing domains of Innovative Air Mobility (IAM), and to collaboratively forge new learnings, perceptions, and knowledge. We provide a distinctive environment conducive to applied research and development, fostering collective resolution of challenges. Here’s what this partnership entails:

1. Collaborative Research: Participate in mutual research initiatives with academics and experts affiliated with DronePort, spanning various educational institutions, not limited to universities.

2. Educational Initiatives & Workshops: Avail of our diverse range of learning sessions, seminars, and workshops designed to cater to different learning needs and educational levels.

3. Knowledge Co-creation & Sharing: Join us in the co-creation of the latest knowledge in IAM, share insights, and contribute to the enrichment of pivotal discoveries in the field.

This partnership is a gateway to a symbiotic relationship where learning and innovation converge, enabling organisations to stay abreast of advancements in autonomous and uncrewed mobility.

Thought leadership Partnership

A Thought leadership Partnership offers a structured approach to enhance your organisation's visibility and influence in the field of Innovative Air Mobility (IAM). DronePort serves as a nexus for discourse and thought leadership, linking stakeholders across diverse domains. This partnership facilitates not only communication but a broad spectrum of dissemination activities to convey insights, developments, and innovations. Here’s what this collaboration entails:

1. Enhanced Visibility: Elevate your brand's profile through collaborative marketing campaigns, events, and initiatives, reaching a wider audience and establishing a stronger presence in the sector.

2. Diverse Engagement: Interact directly with a varied array of stakeholders, from decision-makers to end-users, ensuring your insights and messages are effectively conveyed and resonate with the audience.

3. Cohesive Narratives: Work together to develop persuasive and coherent narratives that underscore the transformative possibilities of IAM, presenting a unified vision of the future of mobility.

This partnership is a gateway to diversified dissemination, enabling the sharing of knowledge, innovations, and visions, fostering understanding and awareness in the evolving landscape of autonomous and uncrewed mobility.

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Technology Partnership

A Strategic Partnership is a crucial initiative to align your organisation with the broad and evolving realm of Innovative Air Mobility (IAM), focusing on both the technological advancements and the diverse prerequisites vital for IAM's success. This collaboration offers a conducive environment for validating a range of elements, from technologies to comprehensive strategies and methodologies, essential for integrating autonomous and uncrewed assets seamlessly. Here’s what this alliance unfolds:

1. Access to Comprehensive Infrastructure: Utilise our extensive physical and digital infrastructure, including testing grounds and vertipads, to explore and validate the multifaceted aspects of IAM.

2. Collaborative Solution Development: Work together to develop next-generation technologies, methodologies, and solutions, addressing the wider array of needs in IAM.

3. Sustainable Business Models: Position your organisation at the forefront of IAM and autonomous systems, cultivating adaptability and long-term resilience.

This partnership serves as a gateway to holistic innovation and development, encompassing various dimensions of IAM, from technological breakthroughs to integrative and sustainable solutions, ensuring the full spectrum of autonomous and uncrewed mobility potentials is realised.

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