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Autonomous Asset Integrity Management

PhotoReal In the heart of Rotterdam a cuttingedge unmanned dro 2

The first project of DronePort Rotterdam is centered around Autonomous Asset Integrity Management (AAIM). AAIM is an advanced approach to ensuring the health and functionality of critical assets and infrastructure.

Integration of U-Space and UTM Systems

Integration uam docks

DronePort Rotterdam's second project focuses on integrating U-space and UTM systems within the Rotterdam city, port and airport. This integration aims to establish a clear governance model for managing the increasing autonomous and uncrewed assets traffic in the region. 

Upcoming Projects
Connect port droneport

Connecting port, city, airport and North Sea corridor

With this project, we strive to establish a cohesive drone ecosystem, linking important infrastructural entities: The Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, and the North Sea Corridor. This project is crucial for DronePort because of our commitment to foster interconnectedness and streamlined operations across important mobility and logistical hubs.

Alternative drone source

Working together on alternative energy sources 

Through this project, we acknowledge the imperative to explore, validate, and implement alternative energy sources for autonomous and uncrewed assets. This project is pivotal for DronePort because of our dedication to sustainable energy solutions, ensuring the longevity and environmental compatibility of autonomous technologies.

Landing site drones

Researching & developing optimal landing sites 

This project focuses on creating and optimising landing sites specifically designed for high-density urban areas, ensuring minimal disruption to the existing built environment. We are not just developing new solutions but are also exploring the reuse of existing infrastructures, innovatively utilising rooftops and other potential landing sites. This approach allows us to reimagine urban spaces and integrate autonomous and uncrewed assets seamlessly.

Governance droneport

Creating a governance model fit for the future

This project holds significant relevance for DronePort as it is central to our mission to formulate robust governance standards and models, ensuring the seamless and correct operation of all autonomous and uncrewed vehicles across various vertical spatial layers. By creating a governance model that is adaptive and fit for the future, we are laying the foundational framework to manage the interplay of diverse vertical spatial elements, enabling the harmonious integration of evolving technologies and ensuring the sustained progression of the entire ecosystem.

Drone teach

Shaping the Future of IAM Workforce & Education

Undertaking a transformative educational initiative, this project is crucial for DronePort, enabling us to nurture future innovators and equip them with the vital skills to significantly contribute to Innovative Air Mobility (IAM). We are committed to advance the sector through innovative insights and diverse skills. In collaboration with local and regional educational bodies, we're developing customised curricula for all levels of education, ensuring the seamless integration of essential knowledge and skills into the future workforce.

Counter uas

Testing Counter UAS in an
urban environment

This project focuses on developing Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) solutions in urban environments where multiple vertical spatial layers intersect. It allows us to address the complexities of managing unmanned systems in densely populated areas, ensuring the seamless and safe integration of drones into the urban airspace. By resolving the challenges in such settings, we are reinforcing our commitment to fostering secure and harmonious coexistence of crewed and uncrewed systems in shared spaces.

Autonomous Innovation, Uncrewed TRANSFORMATION

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