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 Autonomous Asset Integrity Management

The first project of DronePort Rotterdam is centered around Autonomous Asset Integrity Management (AAIM). AAIM is an advanced approach to ensuring the health and functionality of critical assets and infrastructure. By leveraging autonomous drones equipped with cutting-edge sensors and AI-driven analysis tools, AAIM can perform regular inspections and maintenance checks without the need for human intervention. This method is particularly beneficial for inspecting hard-to-reach or hazardous locations, such as offshore platforms, high-rise structures, or underground pipelines. The primary objectives of AAIM are to detect anomalies, predict potential failures, and ensure the longevity and safety of assets.

The benefits of AAIM:

  • It enhances safety and reduces the need for human inspections and therefore minimizes human risks.
  • It reduces operational costs, because autonomous inspections eliminate manual labor.
  • It provides real-time analysis, with AI and machine learning, drones can provide instant feedback, allowing for immediate action if anomalies are detected.
  • It offers predicitive maintenance, because AAIM can forecast potential issues before they escalate, ensuring timely interventions and prolonging asset lifespan.
  • It supports comprehensive data collection, because drones capture a wide range of data, from visual imagery to thermal readings, providing a holistic view of asset health.
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DronePort's added value

Innovation Hub

DronePort Rotterdam serves as a center for research and development, fostering innovations in drone technology, AI algorithms, and sensor capabilities tailored for AAIM.

Collaborative Ecosystem

By bringing together industry experts, tech startups, and academic researchers, DronePort Rotterdam can facilitate knowledge exchange and collaborative projects. 

Testing ground

DronePort Rotterdam offers a controlled environment for testing new AAIM technologies, ensuring their efficacy and safety before real-world deployment.

Training & Certification

As AAIM technologies evolve, there's a need for standardized training and certification. DronePort Rotterdam establishes training programs together with our knowledge partners.

Regulatory Advocacy

DronePort Rotterdam works closely with regulatory bodies to shape policies that support the safe and efficient deployment of AAIM solutions.

our research steps


Identify Assets for Inspection

We determine the critical infrastructure assets within the  area that require regular inspection and maintenance. This could include assets in the harbor, city, and airport.


Define Inspection Parameters

We describe the specific parameters that need to be inspected for each asset, such as structural integrity, corrosion, wear and tear, etc


Select Appropriate Technologies

We choose the right autonomous drones and robotic systems equipped with sensors, cameras, and AI algorithms capable of detecting and analyzing the defined inspection parameters.


Develop Inspection Protocols

We create standard operating procedures for autonomous inspections, including flight paths, data collection, and analysis methodologies.


Conduct Pilot Testing

We test the AAIM system on a small scale to validate its effectiveness in detecting and analyzing asset integrity issues and adjust accordingly. 


Implement Full-Scale Inspections

We deploy the AAIM system for regular inspections of the identified assets. Monitor the system's performance and make continuous improvements.


Analyze and Report Findings

We use the data collected by the AAIM system to generate reports on the integrity of the assets. These reports will be shared with relevant stakeholders for informed decision-making.


Integrate with Maintenance Systems

We link the AAIM system with maintenance management systems to automate the scheduling of maintenance activities based on the inspection findings.


Ensure Compliance with Regulations

We ensure that the AAIM system complies with local, national, and international regulations governing drone operations, data privacy, and asset management.

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